Nutanix Monitoring on SCOM or OMS

Comtrade has been around quite some time now delivering custom management packs, in my experience for everything Citrix, F5 now, and Nutanix for SCOM and OMS. Their profile is accurate in my opinion “The SCOM Extension Specialists” Comtrade’s Channel Profile states “we natively integrate with System Center Operations Manager, providing a comprehensive monitoring of network (F5) […]

How to be heard (provide feedback on Microsoft products)

Ever feel like everyone’s not listening? UserVoice Do you want to be heard? Are you willing to share ideas and feedback about OMS and the various products? Good, Microsoft development has that covered.   I recommend this to ALL of my customers Please sign-in, vote on ideas and feedback. Please put your comment, suggestion, feature out to […]

Getting Started with OMS – Operations Manager Suite

How do you make sure the business you’re in is productive and making widgets?   What does OMS do? Acronym:  OMS – Operations Manager Suite IMHO Answer:  Pretty much anything you can imagine to help provide a single pane of glass into what is happening in your IT environment. Do you use System Center? You […]

Azure Application Insights

Application Insights Application Insights simply put is Application Performance Management for web developers (or DevOps) on multiple platforms Are you trying to solve how to monitor application performance? Do you need to monitor application performance for ASP.NET, Java or Node.js apps? SCOM can monitor, but not necessarily with the same functionality Riverbed makes products, but […]

Verify OMS Managed Computers

Ever wondered what objects are setup for OMS?   Maybe you’ve seen lots of errors on servers you don’t expect ? It’s possible someone chose a group or nearly all managed computers in your SCOM environment.   How do we verify, or change what computers send data to OMS from SCOM? 1) Look for a […]

O365 Office Analytics

Ever wonder where all your time goes each week?   From an executive standpoint, want to see statistics on where employees are spending most of their time?   Did you know Office365 has an Outlook AddIn for analytics? Personal Analytics Link     Access your analytics Website Requires E3 add on or above (E5), and […]

Optimize SQL for SCOM

Maybe I’m old school, but do you ever feel like optimizing SQL is like playing a video game? Keep on shooting, hopefully you don’t hit your thrusters and drift and then die!   Does your SQL DBA Team (or did you): NTFS Allocation Unit set to 64KB for the SQL Server drives Dedicate memory for […]

SYSTEM CENTER 2016/2019 Operations Manager – Anti-Virus Exclusions

Updated 30 June, 7 July 2020 and includes article updates       NOTE: Process name exclusion wildcards could potentially prevent some dangerous programs from being detected.   Hopefully this table is helpful (my thanks to Matt Goedtel for the docs site updates, and Matt’s efforts to keep docs the ‘go-to’ site)   Previously […]

Setting up OMS Capacity and Performance

Do you know what your HyperV hosts are doing? Not a HyperV fan, there’s a VMWare solution also here   Documentation Capacity dashboard Details   Troubleshooting dashboard Firewall Windows Agents   Verify in Operations Manager if you have any error events Event ID 4506 in this case is the Capacity and Performance […]

SQL Engineering Blog

Ever wonder when a SQL MP is published? Wonder no longer, look for the SQL Engineering Blog!   New Old – redirect in effect