Using MP Viewer to unseal or export MP to XLS or HTML

Use MPViewer and open the management pack files (MP and MPB)   Updated 14 Dec 2018   Thanks to Daniele Muscetta for converting this so many years ago! MPViewer tool originally at this blog MPViewer v2.3.3 added to TechNet Gallery for download here   Jan Van Meirvenne spent the time to update the functionality […]

Sealing SCOM MP’s

  Sealing MP’s This is an updated version of Kevin Holman’s blog, and Jonathan Almquist’s blog for SCOM2012R2 and 2016   First why seal? If you seal the MP – we will be able to use the classes/groups created for overrides in any other override MP. Unsealed MP – any overrides you use for classes/groups will be […]

SCOM Maintenance Mode PowerShell

My thanks to Matt Taylor and Kevin Holman, Ralph Kyttle, and John Kavanagh for their guidance! Updated 22 Feb 2019     Read on if these apply Trying to start, update, or end SCOM MM Get alerts when MM is updated PowerShell only in your shop! SCORCH in play but need to convert runbooks to straight […]

Tip of the Day

Sharing a good knowledge transfer on various topics Tip of the Day Blog Specifically like to call out Shannon’s blog for this Windows tip (and my thanks to Ryan Christman for pointing this out!) From Command Prompt or PowerShell to start an explorer window from current path type: start . You can also […]

SharePoint 2013 disk cleanup

Not having a problem with Windows Server 2012 R2? Windows Server 2012 R2 has several mechanisms to automatically cleanup previous versions of Windows Update files and uses compression for unused binaries.   If on win2k8 or win2k8R2, this will continue to grow as the OS ages and patches continue to be released.   Cleanup OS […]

Clarification on Registry Key discoveries

  Ran across this in my travels, difficulty getting a monitor to work properly To clarify some of the registry MP fragments, make sure you follow the whole path This post is to help with using the Monitor.RegistryValue.Exists.mpx fragment     Example – Verify Registry Key under TestService   This is an excerpt from the MP […]