Set up SCOM 2016 for TLS1.2

Security bugging you about SCOM using TLS1.0 ?   Have questions on the TLS1.2 Protocol Support Deployment guide link? If using ACS, please review ACS steps to configure from the guide above   It’s time to update SCOM 2016 to TLS1.2!   Pre-requisites .Net and SQL native client, ODBC must be updated to TLS1.2 compliant version HTTPS Endpoints […]

Get started with OMS Device Health

Anyone need telemetry data for win10 computers?   Want the info with better reports and less overhead? This easily replaces SCOM Agentless Exception Monitoring   OMS is technically free, why not get insights into client side problems?     Overview Validate Telemetry Setting Get CommercialID from OMS Configure Deployment Script Run Deployment Script Verify OMS […]

Adding UNIX agents via PowerShell

First, a shout out to Vanessa Bruwer @VanessaBruwer and Tyson Paul for their help!   Feel like I was pounding rocks, and had a great find! 🙂 …How to add UNIX agents manually via command line       Required 1. Unix Agent action account and agent maintenance account ID and passwords 2. Unix Resource […]

FindTime GA in Outlook OWA

If you were fortunate to use the Outlook add-in while it was part of the Outlook client, the functionality went live to the O365 site. Create a meeting and Poll for other times Login to with your credentials Click on Outlook Click on Calendar button Click on dropdown, New Fill out meeting […]