Azure UNIX server SCOM agent setup errors with OEL v7.x

  Ran into some customers with UNIX agent problems, including Azure Oracle Enterprise Linux servers with SCOM agents.           Basically this error means Fully-qualified domain name cannot be determined from the UNIX or Linux host itself The FQDN known to the UNIX/Linux host does not match the FQDN used by the management […]

Skype for Business 2015 (premise) Addendum MP

Ever try to figure out a Skype alert, for which server in the pool(s) is failing?   While maybe not the clearest to find root cause, the Skype pack brings a bunch of functionality, including synthetic transactions.   I was lucky enough to collaborate with Nick Wood, Skype PFE, to help provide more detail, troubleshooting, impact […]

Active Directory 2012-2016 Addendum packs updated

Man time flies!   Thought I’d share some new functionality for AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services)   Ran across some customer errors with AD Event ID 1084, which exists in the old 8321 pack, but not in the v10.x pack. Well, if you get these errors, your DC isn’t replicating, and most likely will need […]