Set up Azure Service Principal


Azure Service principal is like a Mech ID that does work for you behind the scenes

Stack Overflow states it plainly

An Azure service principal is a security identity used by user-created apps, services, and automation tools to access specific Azure resources.
Docs site defines it as a Security identity object
We will need the AAD Tenant ID, Application ID (service principal, and Password (key)

AAD Tenant ID


For Service Map, the Tenant ID is the Azure Active Directory, Directory ID


From Azure Portal

Select Azure Active Directory > Properties > Directory ID in the Azure portal

See Docs site link

Save this to notepad, somewhere for safe keeping – password safe

Tenant ID

This is where you setup the Service Principal for an application
Azure Active Directory is NOT required
From Azure Portal
Click on Azure Active Directory
Click on Properties
Copy the Directory ID
From OMS
Click on Overview, Settings
Click on Accounts, Manage Users
Copy the Tenant ID
Once you have the Directory ID copied to notepad, you need to set up an App registration

App Registration ID

From Azure Portal
Click Azure Active Directory
Click App Registrations
Click + New application registration
Create name and URL
My example is ‘ServiceMap-App’ with my domain
Click Create
Click Settings
Click Keys
Recommend setting 2 keys, and save to notepad, and somewhere secure
I did 1 year and 2 year keys
Enter name for Description, Duration box, and click Save
Value will be displayed
Copy the value


Don’t exit without grabbing the keys!  You will have to delete the App-Registration and start over
After creation, copy the values from Notepad for Tenant ID, Application ID, and keys


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