MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers


FYI – Updated 24 June 2022


What are the MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers?

This idea sprung from a discussion with Sr. PFE Brian Barrington, and it got me wondering…See below for more details on OMS/MMA, and SCOM agent versions, as well as how to verify agent from PowerShell.



FYI – If you’re running a SCOM agent, 2016 or above, various Log Analytics solutions may have pre-reqs.

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SCOM 2022

SCOM 2019

SCOM 2016



Azure Monitor Agent

AMA (Azure Monitor Agent)/ALA/OMS/MMA Agent can run on Windows/Linux operations systems.  Name has changed over the years, where AMA (Azure Monitor Agent) will be the name going forward for the cloud based offer.  See docs article here.

This also has been updated on the Docs site

Download installer files here

Review what operating systems are covered here

Previously known as Windows OMS/ALA/MMA agent

Unfortunately, there’s no github repo that I’ve found.


As of 6 Sep 2018, MMA agent = 8.0.11103.0

As of 17 Oct 2018, MMA agent = 8.0.11136.0

Skipping forward to 2020, the MMA agent is 10.20.18040.0

[!WARNING] The Log Analytics agents are on a deprecation path and will no longer be supported after August 31, 2024.



OMS Gateway

Older product published in 2016 – Download link here

OMS Gateway requires Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)

(agent version – 8.0.10900.0 or later)

Simple English, that means SCOM2016 RTM agent or above




OMSAgent for xPlat


(Linux/Universal Linux)

Sep 16, 2021      OMSAgent_v1.13.40-0
Mar 08, 2021      OMSAgent_v1.13.35-0
Nov 16, 2020      OMSAgent_v1.13.33-0
Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, CentOS 8, Oracle 8, Ubuntu 20.04, SLES…
Nov 14, 2019       OMSAgent_v1.12.15-0
Jun 17, 2019      OMSAgent_v1.11.0-9
Apr 23, 2019      OMSAgent_v1.10.0-1
Feb 12, 2019      OMSAgent_v1.9.0-0
Nov 05, 2018     OMSAgent_v1.8.1.256
Oct 30, 2018      OMSAgent_1.8.0-256
Sep 03, 2018      OMSAgent_v1.6.1.3



Windows SCOM Agent Version numbers 


Build Number KB Release Date Description Step-by-Step
8.0.10918.0 Evaluate Oct 2016 SCOM 2016 RTM Link
8.0.10931.0 KB3190029 Feb 2017 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 Link
8.0.10949.0 KB3209591 March 2017 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 2 Link
8.0.10970.0 KB4016126 May 2017 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 3 Link
8.0.10977.0 KB4024941 Oct 2017 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 4 Link
8.0.10990.0 KB4090987 April 2018 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 5 None
8.0.11004.0 KB4459897 Oct 2018 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 6 Link
8.0.11025.0 KB4492182 April 2019 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 7 Link
8.0.11037.0 KB4514877 Sept 2019 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 8 Link
8.0.11049.0 KB4546986 April 2020 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 9 Link
8.0.11000.0 KB4580254 Dec 2020 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 10 Link
7.2.12335.0 KB5006871 Oct 2021 SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 10 Hotfix Link

8.0.13053.0 RTM


8.0.13067.0      General Availability release



Build Number KB Release Date Description Step-by-Step
10.19.10050.0 Evaluate March 2019 SCOM 2019 RTM Link
10.19.10311.0 KB4533415 Feb 2020 SCOM 2019 Update Rollup 1 Link
10.19.10407.0 KB4558752 Sept 2020 SCOM 2019 Update Rollup 2 Link
10.19.10505.0 KB4594078 March 2021 SCOM 2019 UR3 Link
10.19.10550.0 KB5006871 Oct 2021 SCOM 2019 UR3 Hotfix Link



  • @Larry LeBlanc – thank you for the SCOM Agent version updates!


Verify what version is installed

Via SCOM – use Holman’s Agent Version Addendum management pack


If you don’t have SCOM

From PowerShell

$Agent = get-itemproperty -path “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Setup”









SCOM Agent Version Addendum pack

SCOM Agent build numbers

Linux Agent can be downloaded from GitHub –

3 Replies to “MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers”

  1. Hi Kevin
    I was wondering if there was a listing of build numbers for the agents somewhere? The linked article does not have agent versions. I was looking for agent versions for MMA, OMS, and SCOM 2016 specifically.

    In particular, we have some agents which are version 8.0.11081.0. I believe these are actually OMS or MMA agents as opposed to SCOM 2016 agents, but I just am trying to verify and also trying to verify that all of our agents are either the latest OMS or latest SCOM 2016 agents. We recently upgraded to SCOM 2016 UR9 and I know its agents are 8.0.11049.0 based on the data being returned by your SCOM Management Package which we gladly and appreciatively utilize. 🙂


      1. Hello Steven,
        Updated block with the version displayed in Holman’s SCOM_Management pack, and also the build numbers (put below references)

        The 8.0.11081.0 appears to be an OMS build. I wasn’t able to find a public GitHub project to give timing of when that was released.

        Latest download from the docs site for the Windows 64-bit agent is 10.20.18040.0.

        The download link is –

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