XML for Product or Company Knowledge

Digging in the archives…



From a discussion with some PFE’s – the question was ‘how do I create knowledge for a monitor/rule?’

Tyson Paul pointed out the system Center Wiki  ‘Knowledge Article authoring’  


When you create a knowledge article in an MP (let’s not even go into the console GUI! )

If the Knowledge Article references a sealed workflow (does it reference a sealed pack)

It’s Company Knowledge






If the Knowledge Article references a sealed monitor, it will show up under the ‘Company Knowledge’ tab

XML example from Skype Addendum pack on TechNet Gallery

<KnowledgeArticle ElementID=”ML2MC!Microsoft.LS.2015.Monitoring.Internal.Health.DiscoveryRunner” Visible=”true”>
<maml:section xmlns:maml=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10″>
<maml:para>Any added Skype servers will not be discovered in SCOM.</maml:para>
<maml:section xmlns:maml=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10″>
<maml:para>Discovery Failed.  An internal exception has occurred during discovery.</maml:para>
<maml:section xmlns:maml=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10″>
<maml:para>Fix permission issues in alert.</maml:para>
<maml:para>Skype PowerShell module may not be installed.</maml:para>
<maml:para>Import-Module SkypeForBusiness</maml:para>





If the Knowledge Article is referenced in a sealed pack, OR an UNsealed pack has a rule/monitor in the same unsealed pack)

It’s Product Knowledge


Sealed pack example


Unsealed pack Example