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Time to talk Certificates!
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Hello again, it’s time to talk about ADCS – Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum!


First, I’d like to call out Bob Williams and Vance Cozier for their help and expertise!

SCOM-ADCS-Addendum download




ADCS is Active Directory Certificate Services, or what we would know as a Certificate Authority.  The goal was to improve the pack, because the focus is on how important certificates are to a modern enterprise.  Let’s begin the Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum pack review.


In this paragraph, let’s talk through the Certificate Services packs for 2016+, and how we as Microsoft consultants, and field engineers, recommend changes to the pack.  First, for some background, the collaboration process gets a better result improving Microsoft products.   Second, the collaboration result can vary.  Third, collaboration input can be based on customer input, or field engineer experience.  Most importantly, this is how we ‘would have liked’ the pack to work.


AD Certificate Services Monitoring

The Certificate services pack alerts on events/services.  Therefore, the pack does NOT monitor the SCEP URL.  For instance, a transaction web monitor was added.   The collaboration effort was focused on improving the ADCS pack, resulting in the creation of the Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum and customizations packs.


Download File

Let’s delve into the download file

SCOM-ADCS-Addendum download


Review file contents

  • Download.txt (in case you need to find it later!)
  • Version.Info.txt (MP version history, what was added & when)
  • XLS MP export of rules/monitors
  • ADCS Addendum & Customizations packs



Configuring Certificate Services docs site

ADCS download

Management Pack wiki

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