Identify orphaned agent properties

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Back again, I’m going to ‘Identify orphaned agent properties’.  For instance, does an agent still show up under Windows Computer, or more classes, like Windows Operating System?  Typically we have handled this by using Holman’s purge blog.




Deleting and Purging data from the SCOM Database



First, my thanks to Kevin H, Mihai S from the SCOM PG, & Premier Support CSS, for their help.  Let’s begin the ‘Identify orphaned agent properties’ discussion with ‘how’.  First, how do you get an orphaned property?  Second, how to you resolve?


Some example scenarios

    1. Server rebuilt with same name.  New agent runs discovery, and creates new set of GUID’s in the database.
    2. The Monitoring Tab > Windows Computer view contains unhealthy <gray> server objects.  Upon further inspection, the server does NOT show up in the Administration > Agent Managed view.
    3. Custom management pack authoring extends the Windows Computer class, or others (via SDK or PowerShell)


‘Identify and resolve’ orphaned agent properties


    1. Check for COMMIT or Overrides in management packs

PG recommended looking at Windows Computer extended class properties, and Connector Framework discoveries.





Search for the ConnectorFramework

Search management packs (MP) via SCOM OpsDB (OperationsManager Database)

    1. Login to your SCOM OpsDB > New Query

select MPName, convert(xml, MPXML)

from ManagementPack


   MPXML like ‘%Commit(%’ or

   MPXML like ‘%Override(%’

Export management pack output or snag it/snippet screenshot

Example Snapshot from SQL query

SQL Query output of Management Pack output with Commit or Override
SQL query of MP Commit or Override pack matches

FYI – mgmt packs above use %Commit(%, but not the connectorFramework


Correct discoveries that use ConnectorFramework

Replace Discoveries

Update discoveries that contain:

New-Object Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework.IncrementalDiscoveryData.Commit()

New-Object Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework.IncrementalDiscoveryData.Override()

Replace with:

New-Object -comObject MOM.ScriptAPI for discovery


Test discoveries that use Remove method





Example management pack discovery script


$discovery = New-Object Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework.IncrementalDiscoveryData


$discovery.Commit($mg)  <– This is the offender that causes the orphans



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