Parse Events via PowerShell into table

Parsing Events via PowerShell into table
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Parse Events via PowerShell into table.  Ever have need to parse an event, and grab a field from the event description, then perform some action after that?


Here’s some PowerShell that may help you first to create a table, then setup columns, gather data, then parse what you need, and run a command to then output to the table


# Create Table for alerts

$Table = @()

$Table = $null


$Table = New-Object System.Data.DataTable “Failed Hosts List”

$Col1 = New-Object System.Data.DataColumn Host

$Col2 = New-Object System.Data.DataColumn IPAddress





$Alert20046 = Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{LogName=’Operations Manager’;



$Alerts20046 = $Alert20046.Message



$Alerts20046uniq = $Alerts20046 | sort -uniq



# $DeniedUniq = $Denied20046 | Sort-Object -Uniq

# $ServersDenied = @()


foreach ( $server in $DeniedUniq)


$Name = nslookup $server

foreach ($server in $Name)


# Add to Table   

# $Name.Split(“:”)[6]

# $Name.Split(“:”)[8]

$row = $Table.NewRow()

$row.Host = $Name.Split(“:”)[6]

$row.IPAddress = $Name.Split(“:”)[8]





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