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Updated 4 Apr 2023 with Tyson’s feedback!


First, some background – the Snapshot Synchronization alert just tells you there was a SQL issue running the workflow.

Second, the Snapshot Synchronization alert from a health model perspective, is NOT a critical issue (outage).  Create override severity to 1 (warning) to prevent false wake-up calls.  I’ll get this to my GitHub repo shortly!




Let’s troubleshoot the alert

Start with Tyson’s SCOM Maintenance pack, and run the tasks

Tyson’s SCOM Maintenance pack tasks


Alternative long steps

Login to server with SSMS installed –

Open SSMS > Connect to the SCOM OpsMgr DB > Click on New Query

***NOTE verify database dropdown shows Operations Manager!

Paste SQL query into the query textbox

Select WorkItemName, b.WorkItemStateName, ServerName, StartedDateTimeUtc, CompletedDateTimeUtc, DurationSeconds, ERRORMESSAGE
from cs.WorkItem a , cs.WorkItemState b
where a.WorkItemStateId= b.WorkItemStateId
and WorkItemName = ‘SnapshotSynchronization’


Snapshot Synchronization alert query




Example SQL Output


WorkItemName WorkItemStateName ServerName StartedDateTimeUtc CompletedDateTimeUtc DurationSeconds ERRORMESSAGE
SnapshotSynchronization Succeeded SCOMV01 2023-01-24 00:26:23.427 2023-01-24 00:27:46.100 83 NULL
SnapshotSynchronization Failed SCOMV02 2023-01-25 00:27:52.363 2023-01-25 00:28:07.520 15
SnapshotSynchronization Succeeded SCOMV00 2023-01-25 21:43:36.540 2023-01-25 21:45:07.947 91 NULL
SnapshotSynchronization Running SCOMV00 2023-01-25 21:45:32.227 NULL NULL NULL

The jobs may show Succeeded by the time you login to SQL = EOJ (end of job)

If Failed is latest date/timestamp, re-run the task “Request Snapshot Synchronization” which can be found when we select  “Management Configuration Service Group” in the below mentioned view.


From Monitoring Tab > Click on Operations Manager folder > Click on Management Group Health widget > Highlight unhealthy state from Management Group Functions.

Click on the ‘Request Snapshot Synchronization’ task to execute the Stored Procedure “SnapshotSynchronizationForce” on the OpsMgr DB.


NOTE: There are two tasks with same name but with different targets i.e. ‘Management Configuration Service Group’ and ‘Management Configuration Services’


The other task can be found on below view after selecting the Management Server you want the Task to be executed on


From Monitoring Tab > Expand Operations Manager folder > Expand Management Configuration Service folder > Click on Services State view



Create Override for the alert

To change snapshot monitor to warning

From SCOM Console > Authoring Tab

Expand ‘Management Pack Objects’ > Click on Monitors

In the ‘Look for:’ bar type Snapshot synchronization state and hit enter

Monitor name = Snapshot synchronization state

Right click on monitor > Overrides > Override the monitor > For all objects of class

Click checkbox for Severity > change Critical to Warning

Click Edit – add comment – i.e. date/time changing to warning

Select your override pack > Click OK

Click OK to execute change

Override snapshot monitor to warning




Tyson’s MonitoringGuys blog for SCOM Maintenance pack – download here

Link to TechNet article


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