Using SharePoint On Premise Diagnostic tool

Futuristic, perhaps, but a powered screwdriver for space, almost looks like Han Solo’s pistol (sans scope)

From previous intro, we start using the tool to diagnose SharePoint problems.

Let’s install, and get to using it!

Once this is released, I expect this to be posted to a GitHub repository.

For now, there will be some mystery for obtaining the file bundle.

Copy folder from build zip file.

Paste to SharePoint machine, whatever standard you use.

From my own past, I prefer a MonAdmin (Monitoring Admin) directory, with a scripts sub-directory, then toolname/version


cd ‘C:\Monadmin\Scripts\OPD-D2.0.1905.15001’

Start OPD via powershell

cd ‘C:\Monadmin\Scripts\OPD-D2.0.1905.15001’


Avoid some initial questions

cd ‘C:\Monadmin\Scripts\OPD-D2.0.1905.15001’

.\OPD-console.ps1 -mode SharePoint -ShareTelemetry Yes -AcceptEula

PS C:\Monadmin\Scripts\OPD-D2.0.1905.15001> .\OPD-console.ps1 -mode SharePoint -ShareTelemetry Yes -AcceptEula

Using OPD to check SharePoint environment

Start with the OPDLog Event Log

OPD Main menu

1 – Administration

Central Admin site

Current patch level


Timer jobs

2 – Performance

3 – Search

Search Hosts Online

Unable to retrieve topology

4 – Services

5 – Setup


6 – User Profile

Firewall ports (duplicated from section 4)

Happy checking and to building new SharePoint checks!