ADCS – Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum pack

  Hello again, it’s time to talk about ADCS – Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum!   First, I’d like to call out Bob Williams and Vance Cozier for their help and expertise! SCOM-ADCS-Addendum download     Background ADCS is Active Directory Certificate Services, or what we would know as a Certificate Authority.  The goal was […]

SQL on Windows Addendum pack

It’s spring time; time to tune the SQL carb!   Carbs are way less easy to find these days, but I’ve been busy tuning the SQL agnostic pack (MSSQL on Windows).   Tuning the SQL Agnostic pack would be far less successful without expert help.  My thanks to Brandon Pires – MCS SQL Consultant who […]

Workflow Manager Addendum MP for SQL Aliases

  A SQL Alias is kinda like wearing disguise glasses…   From a security perspective, you can make things difficult for attackers by specifying a SQL alias and different port for SQL.       Symptom – discovery fails for WFM pack   Trying to monitor and figure out what the real database name, instance, etc. […]

Updated Skype for Business 2015 (premise) Addendum MP

Updated and completed for Company Knowledge!   Many thanks to Nick Wood for his help deciphering user impact for these alerts. Reach out to Nick on LinkedIn   This has been an arduous effort to complete the Skype alerts and components.   Gallery Download   It’s taken a few steps along the way, to get all […]

Skype for Business 2015 (premise) Addendum MP

Ever try to figure out a Skype alert, for which server in the pool(s) is failing?   While maybe not the clearest to find root cause, the Skype pack brings a bunch of functionality, including synthetic transactions.   I was lucky enough to collaborate with Nick Wood, Skype PFE, to help provide more detail, troubleshooting, impact […]

Lync 2013 Addendum Management Pack

Continuing the Addendum tradition 🙂 Lync couldn’t be forgotten.   To understand options and methods available on the Server and SCOM, re-read the Active Directory Addendum blog     Lync 2013 Now that we understand the methods available, let’s get to the Addendum.     The Addendum pack has 32 Recovery Tasks for Lync Service […]