Identify orphaned agent properties

  Back again, I’m going to ‘Identify orphaned agent properties’.  For instance, does an agent still show up under Windows Computer, or more classes, like Windows Operating System?  Typically we have handled this by using Holman’s purge blog.       Deleting and Purging data from the SCOM Database     First, my thanks to […]

Gather Log Analytics/MMA agent version

Had some questions come up from the community to check the Log Analytics agent version. Depending on how you are setup, the SCOM Integration makes this easy with Holman’s blog for the agent management pack. If you have admin right in Operations Manager console then you can check this directly from SCOM server: If you […]

What ID’s is SCOM using

Ever need to audit what ID’s SCOM is using? Maybe you have to figure out how someone else setup SCOM. Did they set up SCOM as recommended for best practices with different AD accounts per role?   If the ID’s are not logged during install, it’s a little more difficult to figure out what ID […]

Adding UNIX agents via PowerShell

First, a shout out to Vanessa Bruwer @VanessaBruwer and Tyson Paul for their help!   Feel like I was pounding rocks, and had a great find! 🙂 …How to add UNIX agents manually via command line       Required 1. Unix Agent action account and agent maintenance account ID and passwords 2. Unix Resource […]

SCOM Maintenance Mode PowerShell

My thanks to Matt Taylor and Kevin Holman, Ralph Kyttle, and John Kavanagh for their guidance! Updated 22 Feb 2019     Read on if these apply Trying to start, update, or end SCOM MM Get alerts when MM is updated PowerShell only in your shop! SCORCH in play but need to convert runbooks to straight […]

Tip of the Day

Sharing a good knowledge transfer on various topics Tip of the Day Blog Specifically like to call out Shannon’s blog for this Windows tip (and my thanks to Ryan Christman for pointing this out!) From Command Prompt or PowerShell to start an explorer window from current path type: start . You can also […]

SharePoint 2013 disk cleanup

Not having a problem with Windows Server 2012 R2? Windows Server 2012 R2 has several mechanisms to automatically cleanup previous versions of Windows Update files and uses compression for unused binaries.   If on win2k8 or win2k8R2, this will continue to grow as the OS ages and patches continue to be released.   Cleanup OS […]

Update MP’s for SCOM with VMM2012 R2

The fun starts here.   VMM is like more 3rd party management packs that require an app update, then push updates to SCOM.   The initial VMM MS configuration will upload the VMM UR packs to SCOM, but what do you do the next time you update VMM how do you upgrade SCOM to the latest […]

Load Test MP with Report

Read below if you want a specific MP for load testing   I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across the situation where you need to compare performance.   This MP should help validate performance, whether to validate physical versus virtual, or a new Server Farm, storage performance between environments, etc.   Shout to […]

Get to know your monitor

Ever need to disable a specific monitor? I know I get tired of clicking through the console, maybe you do too? Do you know the Monitor name and class? If yes, then you can enable/disable monitors from PowerShell   So let’s get started. From your management server, you can run SCOM commands as your ID […]