UNIX Logical Disk classes

Time to talk about SCOM2019 UNIX classes!     Just came across an example where the UNIX Logical disk class was targeted.   Did you know: This class in the UNIX library is not like the Windows library, where Logical Disk has a matched discovery. Logical Disk is broke out to the various UNIX flavors, […]

Test fire any event on any server from any application

Golden Oldies – always popular (tools vs music) Old Holman blog that’s still relevant, even more powerful than EventLog Explorer Basically anyone who wants to test fire events off a SCOM MP should use this tool. Event Create, write-eventlog all have limitations (certain event sources that can be used to create events, or event ID number […]

Getting started with OMS Update Compliance

Do you already have Upgrade Readiness or Device Health deployed in OMS? If not, read this blog   Need to know more about Windows 10 patch compliance and don’t want to access Config Man (SCCM)?     Update Compliance is the answer!   It’s just as simple as adding the OMS Update Compliance Solution Click […]

Get started with OMS Device Health

Anyone need telemetry data for win10 computers? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/update/device-health-get-started   Want the info with better reports and less overhead? This easily replaces SCOM Agentless Exception Monitoring   OMS is technically free, why not get insights into client side problems?     Overview Validate Telemetry Setting Get CommercialID from OMS Configure Deployment Script Run Deployment Script Verify OMS […]

SCOM Maintenance Mode PowerShell

My thanks to Matt Taylor and Kevin Holman, Ralph Kyttle, and John Kavanagh for their guidance! Updated 22 Feb 2019     Read on if these apply Trying to start, update, or end SCOM MM Get alerts when MM is updated PowerShell only in your shop! SCORCH in play but need to convert runbooks to straight […]

Tip of the Day

Sharing a good knowledge transfer on various topics Tip of the Day Blog https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/tip_of_the_day Specifically like to call out Shannon’s blog for this Windows tip (and my thanks to Ryan Christman for pointing this out!) https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/tip_of_the_day/2017/08/17/rds-tip-of-the-day-windows-productivity-tip-file-explorer-command-prompt-and-back-from-the-current-directory/ From Command Prompt or PowerShell to start an explorer window from current path type: start . You can also […]

SYSTEM CENTER 2016/2019 Operations Manager – Anti-Virus Exclusions

Updated 30 June, 7 July 2020 and includes docs.microsoft.com article updates       NOTE: Process name exclusion wildcards could potentially prevent some dangerous programs from being detected.   Hopefully this table is helpful (my thanks to Matt Goedtel for the docs site updates, and Matt’s efforts to keep docs the ‘go-to’ site)   Previously […]