Associating MPX files to Notepad++ for MP Fragment Authoring


Sometimes it’s shocking when you make a simple change that helps you do something easier.

For the UNIX guys in the house, using VIM, GVIM, VIMRC, all helped back in the day to make sure you closed your loops, true tests, etc.

If you use Notepad++ like I do, let alone if you’re creating MP fragments, it helps for the easy color coding.

SO, do you always open the .mpx file and then click on Language, XML?

Time to add the file type to the Style Configurator in Notepad++

In Notepad++

Click on Settings

Click on Style Configurator

Highlight XML in the language column

Add .mpx to the ‘User ext. :’ section

Click ‘Save and Close’


Open up your next MP fragment

Spend your time updating your XML not clicking to format the file!

Save clicks!

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