Windows Server Dashboards

These are some cool Dashboards brought to the community by Satya Vel a few years ago.   This was brought to my attention for Dashboard functionality from SCOM 2012R2 to provide visibility for Windows Computer Health state After a history lesson, I had to find the source! 256 cores increased the limit in Windows Server 2008R2 Prior […]

OpsMgr 1801 All in One – Quick Start Deployment Guide

Maybe you want to play with the new SCOM version like me?   Following Kevin Holman’s Quick Start Deployment Guide for SCOM 2016, build out an All in One   High Level Deployment Process: 1.  In AD,  note the ID’s and groups used for Operations Manager for the technical preview 2.  Install Windows Server 2016 to all […]

SCOM 1801 dashboards (previously 1711)

Here dashboard dashboard <dong> Come out, come out wherever you are!     Looking at SCOM dashboards in the new Technical Preview had me wondering. I was totally excited after Ignite for System Center v.Next…           Start at 16:34 in video – BRK1023     Found the documents before I found the actual widgets HTML5 overview […]

SCOM 1711 – Technical Preview for upcoming 1801

If you’re not aware, System Center will start doing 6 month releases, and will be YYDD named   Example  SCOM released in Jan 2018 is 1801, then 180x, 190x, etc. Technical previews will also exist prior (currently 1711 – the technical preview for 1801).   Register for Technical Preview Evaluate and download Save appropriate […]