Get started with OMS Device Health

Anyone need telemetry data for win10 computers?


Want the info with better reports and less overhead?

This easily replaces SCOM Agentless Exception Monitoring


OMS is technically free, why not get insights into client side problems?




Validate Telemetry Setting

Get CommercialID from OMS

Configure Deployment Script

Run Deployment Script

Verify OMS



Check Win10 Telemetry setting

Configure Telemetry Data link


FYI – Telemetry level can be managed via SCCM/MDM/Intune and/or GPO


Enhanced Telemetry (2) sends less data (not full crash dumps like Full)

The normal upload range for the Enhanced telemetry level is between 239 KB – 348 KB per day, per device.


Settings Explained




Verify Telemetry setting

My default Win10 setting was 3 based on setup wizard options




Retrieve CommercialID from OMS

Go to Settings (Cog at the top right hand corner)

Then Click on Connected Sources, Windows Telemetry

Copy the Commercial ID Key





Set up Deployment Script

Download the Deployment Script link

In my lab example, save script to Win10 client in C:\UpgradeAnalytics


Update the Deployment RunConfig.bat file


The Pilot folder contains advanced logging that can help troubleshoot issues and is intended to be run from an elevated command prompt.


Edit RunConfig.bat in Notepad, add your Commercial ID into the ‘set commercialIDValue’ line

Change the logPath as well if you have a preferred logging location


Run script and verify Registry keys

Set up command window as system

Don’t forget psexec from sysinternals tool

psexec -s cmd.exe

cd UpgradeAnalytics\Deployment



Example output


Verify Registry

Registry key paths depending on how these are set with SCCM/MDM/Intune vs. GPO

        $vCommercialIDPath = “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection”
        $GPOCommercialIDPath = “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection”




Add Device Health Solution to OMS

Add Device Health as part of the Windows Analytics suite

NOTE Windows Analytics suite includes Upgrade Readiness and Update Compliance



Wait 2 days and see what shows up as devices check in


Clicking on Device Health pane


Added Bonus – once you configure the deployment script, the other two Windows Analytics tools are ready for consumption – Upgrade Readiness and Update Compliance




OMS subscription

Win10 clients have HTTPS access to Microsoft hosts (see Endpoints in Configure Telemetry link below)




Windows Analytics link
Upgrade Readiness link
Upgrade Readiness Script V2 link
Upgrade Readiness Script Original link
Configure Telemetry link

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