Skype for Business 2015 (premise) Addendum MP

Ever try to figure out a Skype alert, for which server in the pool(s) is failing?


While maybe not the clearest to find root cause, the Skype pack brings a bunch of functionality, including synthetic transactions.


I was lucky enough to collaborate with Nick Wood, Skype PFE, to help provide more detail, troubleshooting, impact on what is critical versus warning.


What the addendum pack brings

Do you think 656 monitors can all be critical?

  • Sets up service restart recovery tasks for all Skype services
  • Company Knowledge tab for troubleshooting/user impact


Gallery Download


Here is a visual of our Skype efforts for integrating troubleshooting details into SCOM console.

NOTE:  Company Knowledge tab would be accessible from the alert as well


Company Knowledge

SCOM Console, Authoring tab, Dispatcher Queue monitor

Highlight monitor, right click, choose properties

Click on ‘Company Knowledge’ tab

Incorporated the XLS into SCOM under Company Knowledge for additional information on user impact, causes, and troubleshooting (under resolutions)


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