Don’t forget python as pre-req for agent install

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Hey guys, don’t forget python as pre-req for agent install!  Came across this again, where the docs site doesn’t mention python-ctypes as pre-req for agent install.  Let’s flip to GitHub for the agent.  GitHub lists the python pre-req here.  Otherwise, it’s Openssl 1.1.0 is only supported on x86_64 platforms (64-bit).



Let’s begin by starting with a Linux server.  I’ve used Ubuntu in my lab, specifically, Ubuntu v16.04.

Login and check if you have latest, or have the package installed (Debian Linux)

Regular user run   ‘sudo apt-get install python-ctypes

Super user/root     ‘apt-get install python-ctypes


screen capture of python install


As of 1 July, v1.13.7.0 is current (latest) 64 bit OMS for Linux agent released.







GitHub link

GitHub Agent Download (AzMon/ALA/OMS/SCOM agent for Linux )

Python requirements

Install guide

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