Service Map SCOM pack errors and events

Running Service Map SCOM management pack and getting errors?




Gotta love holidays

Good family time

Not at work if we’re lucky.

When you come back, do you have to go investigate some new/weird errors?



This was one of those holidays for me 🙂




Figured I’d document SCOM errors, indicate what Event Sources, event ID ranges that aid troubleshooting.


Event Source = MS ServiceMap OMS

Event ID range = 46649-46652


Long story short, the root cause for my case, my azure workspace was disabled (fun part with a lab is trying to see how much you can do before it disables!)


Digging in my inbox, found this over the weekend

Email subject: Your services were disabled because you reached your spending limit



SCOM Alerts seen:


Service Map Unknown Exception


SCOM Console alert example


Cause:    May point to Network Connectivity, proxy, or subscription disabled

REST request failed, so did name resolution (may indicate DNS issues)


Rule details

Operations Manager Event Log

Event Source = MS ServiceMap OMS

Event ID 46651


Operations Manager Event log




No Machines Alert

Rule Name = Microsoft System Center ServiceMap No Machines Alert

Event Source = MS ServiceMap OMS

Event ID = 46652

Event ID also seen is 46649 – Error in getting machine details


SCOM Console alert





Event ID 46649






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