Service Map SCOM pack errors and events

Running Service Map SCOM management pack and getting errors?       Gotta love holidays Good family time Not at work if we’re lucky. When you come back, do you have to go investigate some new/weird errors?     This was one of those holidays for me¬†ūüôā       Figured I’d document SCOM errors, […]

Service Map for SCOM

  Ever compare your work to an amusement park? Every¬†business application compares to a ride, roller coaster, or even a¬†kiddie ride. Anyone ever ask you directions to that ride, or more technical based questions like¬†‘what’ communication makes up that business application?     In comes Service Map to save the day!     Last year […]

Install Azure Log Analytics Service Map Dependency Agent

    To make all this work, sometimes, it seems like a slot machine, deposit your quarter, and hope you hit the jackpot!     So to get started, you probably have a list of computers where you have the MMA agent, and want to install Service Map to see how and who the computers […]