PowerShell Monitor Fragment with Run As

Stop!   Ever need to run a PowerShell command (or script) as a specific ID? Maybe you need to know when the command fails to catch degraded application health?   Let’s work into the scenario with a MP Fragment   Download the latest fragments here

Load Test MP fragment

Shout to Tyson Paul for his initial MP with 2016, catch his blog here!   This should help speed up building the MP if you have Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 with Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE).  Read Kevin Holman’s blog if this is new   Download the latest fragments here   Quicker method To […]

Load Test MP with Report

Read below if you want a specific MP for load testing   I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across the situation where you need to compare performance.   This MP should help validate performance, whether to validate physical versus virtual, or a new Server Farm, storage performance between environments, etc.   Shout to […]