New Unix MP’s for 2016 and 2012R2



If you didn’t catch this (I didn’t), the 2016 Universal Linux Monitoring MP is missing, but is in the 2012R2 bundle

Until the bundle is fixed, don’t forget to grab the Universal Linux Monitoring MP from the 2012R2 bundle


Export the 2012R2 bundle, grab the MP


Import MP into SCOM



If that’s just a tad bit annoying, remember Microsoft wants feedback.

Feedback can be about problems, product specific feature requests, and functionality.


Use the UserVoice website for SCOM (System Center Operations Manager)

There are a lot of good features and feedback on the site.   If you weren’t aware, the product team uses this to prioritize updates to the product.

Search, vote up feedback for what’s most near and dear to your heart


Fix 2016 Universal Linux Monitoring MP

Universal Linux MP guide needs updating

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