Troubleshoot Office 365 SCOM MP Run As account

Run As Account

The Office 365 Run As account is used for Proxy access for an HTTPS connection from SCOM MS to Office 365 portal endpoint.

Must be a domain account, not an Azure account (particularly if they ‘re not the same tenant or AAD associated

Service Accounts are recommended to prevent impact should an employee leave


SCOM uses a domain account (example scom_action ID)

Verify that ID is in Azure tenant (contact your Azure Administrator if you don’t have access )


To follow best practice, update the Run As account with the service account



Verify Run As account

On SCOM console that there are no Operations Manager event log 7000 events for the ‘run as’ configured ID

Remote Desktop to SCOM MS Server

Verify if the ‘run as’ ID has a valid password

Look in the Operations Manager Event Log for Event ID 7000

Click on Find

Type in the user’s ID from the ‘run as’ account in SCOM

If no entries found, then ID is successfully authenticating against the domain

If errors found, correct ID/Password

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