Uncommon Custom MP Fragments


Building on Kevin Holman’s MP Fragment Library are additional Uncommon Custom MP Fragments


This is the SCOM Management Pack Fragment Library which includes VSAE Fragments you can use to make SCOM management packs quickly and easily.

V1.0 has two Event Monitors with two state, two or three criteria monitors



Visual Studio, and the VSAE Fragments are installed

Visual Studio has a powerful plugin called VSAE (Visual Studio Authoring Extensions)

If you aren’t familar with MP fragments for authoring, see instructions at:  https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kevinholman/2016/06/04/authoring-management-packs-the-fast-and-easy-way-using-visual-studio/


A Management Pack fragment is simply a bit of XML, that contains all the “working parts” for a specific workflow….

Several authors have written about the power of fragments since VSAE launched, but the biggest gap I saw can be broken up into two major issues:
•Nobody provided a good “library” of workable MP fragments
•Nobody came up with a VERY simple method to reuse fragments quickly and easily

If you can do a FIND and REPLACE in notepad, you can use this.

Kevin Holman’s MP Fragments here

Gallery download for the uncommon MP fragments https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Uncommon-Custom-MP-c5a12a86

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