Update MP’s for SCOM with VMM2012 R2

The fun starts here.   VMM is like more 3rd party management packs that require an app update, then push updates to SCOM.   The initial VMM MS configuration will upload the VMM UR packs to SCOM, but what do you do the next time you update VMM how do you upgrade SCOM to the latest […]

Have a lot of SCOM subscriptions?

You logged into SCOM because someone said they didn’t get a notification Looked at subscriptions and it’s blank   Do you know if you backed up your subscriptions?   Hopefully, you read this and back up your management packs Hope you read this blog, and it saved your life!   For those who love the […]

Optimize SQL for SCOM

Maybe I’m old school, but do you ever feel like optimizing SQL is like playing a video game? Keep on shooting, hopefully you don’t hit your thrusters and drift and then die!   Does your SQL DBA Team (or did you): NTFS Allocation Unit set to 64KB for the SQL Server drives Dedicate memory for […]

SYSTEM CENTER 2016/2019 Operations Manager – Anti-Virus Exclusions

Updated 30 June, 7 July 2020 and includes docs.microsoft.com article updates       NOTE: Process name exclusion wildcards could potentially prevent some dangerous programs from being detected.   Hopefully this table is helpful (my thanks to Matt Goedtel for the docs site updates, and Matt’s efforts to keep docs the ‘go-to’ site)   Previously […]

SQL Engineering Blog

Ever wonder when a SQL MP is published? Wonder no longer, look for the SQL Engineering Blog!   New https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SQL-Server/bg-p/SQLServer/label-name/SQLReleases Old – redirect in effect https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sqlreleaseservices/    

Basic Admin ‘How-to’ Series

This is a series of blog posts to help with SCOM best practices, and things that make SCOM easier to administer.   Associate MPX files in Notepad++ blog Backup management packs via PowerShell blog Get to know your monitor blog Load Test MP with Report blog Load Test MP Fragments blog Maintenance Mode PowerShell blog […]

How to size your SCOM environment

Additional items to consider sizing a SCOM environment # of Unix Servers Network monitoring Application Performance Monitoring (APM) URL monitoring (transactional and availability) DB Data retention requirements   Resources The SCOM Sizing calculator XLS on TechNet to determine capacity and storage needs (2012 and 2016) http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/A/6/CA60425C-950B-456E-986C-C5F2FCD5668D/System%20Center%202012%20Operations%20Manager%20Sizing%20Helper%20Tool%20v1.xls   2016 Quick Start guide https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kevinholman/2016/10/22/opsmgr-2016-quickstart-deployment-guide/ How To upgrade […]

Why not to use Local System for your core SCOM accounts

Stay with me here, this is for the SCOM management group installation   So first, let’s research and figure out what the experts are doing, and what the install guides exist. Researching expert published documentation helps us understand the options, and we can dive into some of the reasons why.   SCOM Security (KH blog )     SQLRights […]

SCOM Management Pack backup

Ever wish you had a backup of your MP?   It’s quite   Tailor to your requirements, but you can run this as a scheduled task, Orchestrator job, etc. I would recommend running the script on a server with the Operations Manager shell (or at least add the Operations Manager snapIn to a non SCOM server) […]

Temp DB recommendations for SCOM 201x

When someone asks you about TempDB sizing, does your jaw hit the floor? Time to pull out my handy detective skills   Context & Best Practices  SQL Server uses the tempdb database to store temporary objects. This can include temporary tables, stored procedures, work tables, and row versions. In short, most changes to user databases […]